Here are all the answers to common questions about becoming a 
Young Living customer! 

Why should I become a preferred customer? 
All Young Living preferred customers save 24% off the retail price every time they buy! Retail customers pay full price so if you are wanting to buy more than one or two oils, you'll save lots of money over time with as a preferred customer! As a preferred customer, you also have the option to take advantage of Young Living's generous loyalty program called Subscribe & Save. 

How do I save the most money when I grab my starter bundle?
Grab your starter bundle on Essential Rewards (Subscribe & Save). When you check these boxes in step 2, you'll get $10 back in points towards free products right off the bat! Treat your essential rewards box like your wish list! You can always go back in and change it later before the processing date the next month! 

What is Subscribe & Save? 
Subscribe & Save is an amazing monthly loyalty program to help you save even more money by earning 10-25% in points back for more free product! There is no fee to be on Subscribe & Save and you can cancel at any time with no penalties.  To be on Subscribe & Save, you simply place an order of 50pv minimum every month. Not only do you earn a percentage back in points but you also get exclusive free gifts at 3, 6, 9, & 12 months: Peppermint Vitality, 5ml Thieves, 15ml Tea Tree, and Loyalty...a special blend just for loyal customers on with subscribe & save! 

You also get access to special discounted subscribe & save bundles including a Thieves bundle & a NingXia bundle! These are the cheapest ways to get these products with a built-in discount plus you get points back! Subscribe & save customers also get an exclusive freebie every month at the 190PV level! Subscribe & Save customers get 2 free oils at 190PV while customers who order 190PV on shop instead just gets 1 free oil! 

Subscribe & save is the best way to save money on Young Living while you take control of your health and ditch and switch to products that will support your health! Here is a break-down of savings that I calculated recently and I was blown-away! Our family has saved so much money while supporting our health! 
Do I have to buy something every month? 
Nope! Once you buy your starter bundle, you can use your Young Living membership just like a Costco membership and order whenever you like with no requirements of how often you have to shop in order to keep your membership. 

How do I keep my account from going inactive?
To keep your account active, the only requirement is to order 50pv in a calendar year. But there is no annual fee to keep your membership going and you can reactivate a deactivate membership at any time by logging in and ordering 50PV.

Is there an annual fee?
No! There is no annual fee for having a Preferred Customer membership or for being on Subscribe & Save. 

If I have a wholesale membership, do I have to share Young Living? 

When you have a preferred membership, you have your own referral link that you can use to help a friend or family get started with Young Living and receive a $50 thank you check from Young Living. It’s going to feel really good when you walk into your mom’s house and see oils and Thieves on her counter instead of her toxic dish soap with blue dye. You don’t have to share Young Living with others if you don’t choose to. It’s not required. No pressure at all. But the option is there if you choose. Even if you never build a business with this, you know your friends and family are protected with the products they are using.

What's the best way to join Young Living? 
The best way to get started with Young Living is to grab a starter bundle. The Premium Oils Starter Bundle is the best deal because it is over half off and has a wide range of products to try but there is also a Thieves Starter Bundle, a NingXia Starter Bundle, and a CBD Starter Bundle as well as some smaller oils starter bundles. All starter bundles have a built-in discount and automatically get you 24% off the retail price for life! 

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xo Rachelle 

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