My Story
At 18, I ran away from home. 

During my teen years, my father became more & more emotionally abusive, controlling, and manipulative. 

I wasn't allowed to go to college. 
He tried to keep me from graduating high school, he prevented me from taking on sewing jobs for my own business & I wasn't allowed to get a job.

As a female, I wasn't as important to him as my brother.  He wanted me to give over some money that was given to me from my grandparents & was pressuring me to do it by saying he wouldn't pay for medical bills, music lessons, etc if I didn't hand it over. 

Starting my life... I eventually started college, married my husband fresh out of the military, and then got pregnant while I was still in school. 

Getting married & then getting pregnant brought up a lot of emotional triggers...only I didn't know it at the time. 

I just wasn't happy but I didn't know all the reasons why.

I was carrying so much shame. I just threw myself into school & work & keeping myself busy ALL THE TIME. 

I thought I was a terrible mom. A terrible wife.

I would beat myself up every day over what I wasn't doing...

I also was constantly venting & complaining about my life.

I was SOOO stressed about how my life was going...

And I was stuck in negative thought loops I could not get out of.

I felt completely hopeless.

I didn't realize how much of what I was going through was unprocessed trauma that was affecting my brain...
In the course of my life since 18, I've been to 4 talk therapists, tried Splankna, & tried EFT (emotional Freedom technique or tapping.)

Everything worked a little bit. But nothing was getting to the DEEP subconscious memories that were holding me in chains.

When I heard about Aroma Freedom I wasn't sure it would work because everything else I had tried didn't really work.

But I was desperate for healing. I was desperate to be free from the past.

My first Aroma Freedom session released a HUGE subconscious memory for me & it literally began the process of rewiring my brain.

My brain has not been the same since that first Aroma Freedom session!

After years of trying therapy & feeling enslaved to my past, I finally found emotional freedom and I haven't looked back since. It is an incredible tool for healing from trauma.

I am passionate about helping other women who are stuck. Stuck in emotional ruts, negative thought patterns, trauma responses, & stress...because I was you.

My Journey with Adrenal Fatigue: Seven years ago when I was desperately trying to figure out how to get my energy back after having 2 kids.

I would wake up after a full night's sleep absolutely exhausted like I hadn't slept a wink.

I went to the doctor & my thyroid numbers were fine. He never mentioned adrenal fatigue.

Years later, I finally figured out I had adrenal fatigue and began to focusing on healing my adrenals & getting my natural energy back! 

During the healing process this last year, I noticed that my energy levels improved but I felt like I was reaching a point in my healing where I was getting "stuck".

Things just stopped improving even though they weren't getting worse. And I didn't know why. I just knew in my gut, something was missing.

And that's when I uncovered the emotions I was storing in my adrenals... The unprocessed emotions were wearing down my adrenals & that's why my healing stalled.

How Emotional Release Work Helped My Adrenals Heal!

After my emotional release work session, I had my muscle testing practitioner muscle test the function of my organs and compare them to my numbers from the day before my session.

I believe that the body is incredible & capable of healing itself of almost anything...if you remove the blocks to healing & give the body the right tools to heal.

Imagine a tree for a minute. Above the ground are all the branches. These are all your symptoms (tiredness, frustration, not sleeping well, etc). 

Under the tree is the root system...this is the collection of root CAUSES (not root cause) that is creating your host of symptoms.

The collection of root causes is a knotted up bundle of both emotional & physical problems. And when you untangle these knots, you can begin healing in a way you haven't before.

Not everything can be addressed with lifestyle changes, nutrition, or supplements though I believe these are 100% part of the solution.

With Mind Body Spirit Release, we can release unprocessed emotions from the organs, glands, spinal column, scars, or fluids in the body so that your body can heal physically as well.

I've used it to release pain in my neck, stop a headache, clear my lymph, get my stomach to calm down, helps my husband's really bad scar to heal more fully, & work through things with my children. It's truly been the missing link for our healing journey!

I believe that if the leaves on the tree are turning brown, you don't paint the leaves green and tack them up on the tree, you do something for the tree. 

And if your body isn't healthy, you help your body get unblocked & discover what your body needs to heal.

And if you believe what I believe, you belong in my community. 

Together, we can create a shift in the world by building a community of women passionate about physical and emotional health, healing, & freedom.

<3 Rachelle