Getting A Zyto Scan

The Zyto Balance is an incredibly useful tool to understand what is happening in your body in a snapshot, It may sound strange but our bodies are full of electrical currents and cells communicating with each other via electricity. Communicating back to the body with electrical frequencies can tell you some amazing things! 

The following information is taken from because it is a better and clearer description than I can write!

Getting A Zyto Scan

Getting a ZYTO biocommunication scan is a simple and painless process. Simply place your hand on the ZYTO Hand Cradle while a scan is run. During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body. Your body will naturally respond to this communication and the ZYTO software records the skin's galvanic response, much like a lie detector test. Although a few people may be able to sense this energetic communication, most are unaware that the scan is taking place. The length of the scan can be as little as 3 minutes.

Example of a Zyto Report Page

How The Zyto Scan Works 

ZYTO scans are organized into what are called biosurveys. You’ve probably filled out a survey before: a series of questions that you provide answers to. A biosurvey is essentially the same thing, only you don’t answer the “questions” consciously—your body answers them directly.

With ZYTO biocommunication, the “question” is a logarithmic digital signature in the ZYTO software, which we call a Virtual Item. The answer is found by measuring changes in the electrical properties of your skin, which are then analyzed by the ZYTO software. A biosurvey can be as varied and versatile as any other survey. Some biosurveys are general in nature and include Virtual Items concerned with overall wellness, while others include items relating to specific body areas or systems. Certain biosurveys also deal with emotions in the body. There are also biosurveys that deal with environmental factors.

This is a short video that explains more about the Zyto scanner that I recorded a while ago. 

How much is a Zyto scan?
A Zyto scan costs $20 for non-members and $10 for members and that includes going over the test as well as getting the entire Zyto report emailed to you which consists of about 20 pages of information usually. 

Is It Safe? 

There are no known contraindications for properly administered ZYTO scanning. The amount of energy used in a scan is so low that it is safe for infants, children, and adults of all ages, including people with pacemakers and pregnant women. 

Why Get A Zyto Scan 

ZYTO products help you make better decisions about your health and wellness. It is a very helpful tool to understand what is happening with your organs, your emotions, and more. That’s why ZYTO technology is referred to as wellness decision support technology. It’s important to note that ZYTO scans are not designed or intended to treat or diagnose.

Based on Two Centuries of Scientific Research

Zyto hand cradle technology is based on established scientific principles that date back to 1849, when physician and physiologist Emil du Bois-Reymond discovered that skin was electrically active. In 1879, Dubois-Reymond's work was advanced further when French neurologist Charles Fere found that skin resistance could change based on emotional stimulation. 

Now, over 150 years later, electrodermal activity (EDA), a term now used synonymously with galvanic skin response (GSR), has been the subject of hundreds of professional publications. Those who may be skeptical that a device can accurately measure GSR need only look at the scientific studies contained in many of these publications to find that the technology is anything but pseudoscience.

The only FDA-cleared galvanic skin response device

The ZYTO Hand Cradle is the culmination of years of research and development in the field of galvanic skin response technology. It’s also currently the only device of its kind on the market that’s cleared by the FDA (510k Class II Medical Device). We work closely with the FDA to ensure that our software and hardware remains 100% compliant. ZYTO and the FDA have similar goals related to the well-being of our customers, which is why we view the FDA as a partner in customer wellness.
Zyto Testimonials
"I was super skeptical because I didn't think putting my hand on a metal plate would really tell me what's going on in my body. But when my results pulled up I was blown away! Everything I have been struggling with showed up on the scan! Plus some other connecting information! I have been fighting chronic acne for so long and I have tried everything. But after this scan I feel hopeful that I can find healing! 

I am sure going to go back to Rachelle to get more scans to see how my body is doing. I really appreciated that Rachelle took the time to walk me through my scan and look up what some of the words meant (let's be honest I don't know a lot of the crazy bacteria names and things like that). I highly recommend seeing what your body wants to tell you and getting your mind blown! I know mine was!" - Leanna Kukaewkasem

“One time I was at an oils class with Rachelle Nelson, I started having a huge amount of stomach/intestinal pain out of the blue. I had no idea what was going on. Rachelle did a Zyto scan on me and my kidneys showed up really out of balance. Since Juniper is excellent for the kidneys and Digize has juniper in it, Rachelle recommended Digize. I hoped it would work because I had to drive an hour home and I didn't know if I would make it. Rachelle put the Digize on my back over my kidneys and on my stomach. I had to leave right away but on the way home I started feeling a LOT better. And I've used it multiple times since then with the same amount of success! I love Digize now!!!” - Rhea Jones 

"One day I was just in a mess. I don't remember why I was so upset but I just remember being very very upset the whole day and I also had been having a strange throat issue...not a sore throat but a weird throat issue that just didn't feel normal. I had tried every oil I could think of and none of them were working quite right for this particular issue. Finally I decided to do a Zyto scan on myself. The first thing that came up was that I need the oil Peace & Calming and the second thing was that I need Oregano. I can't quite remember why my body needed it but it did. So I first put on Peace & was like the breath of fresh air I needed to calm my mind and I felt better than I had all day emotionally. Next I put a drop of Oregano on my feet...kid you not, 2 minutes later, my throat felt perfectly fine when it hadn't all day. I was pretty amazed at how accurate the Zyto was!" - Rachelle Nelson