As we had been waiting for our appointment with the narcolepsy specialist, I had also been looking around at other doctors in our area that we could go to for a second opinion. By complete providence, we ended up having a phone consultation that very same afternoon with a highly skilled integrative medicine doctor...After our experience with the Narcolepsy specialist, I was really wondering what he would say. On the phone consultation, he asked about Phillip's symptoms and then asked about mold exposure, heavy metal exposure, and chemical exposure. He wanted to test him for mold, heavy metals, Lyme disease and some other things and go from there.

He told us that he could help and that healing was entirely possible. He promised us that he would stop at nothing to find the answers that we needed.
He had given us back hope. 

The next week, we went to see him. He scanned Phillip for a bunch of different things. He figured out that Phillip was infected with a parasite called Babesia. It infects the red blood cells and the symptoms can be similar to malaria...or you may not have any symptoms whatsoever! However, Babesia usually is transmitted by ticks and tick-borne diseases can actually affect the sleep center of the brain, causing sleep apnea & narcolepsy! The pieces were starting to come together... 

He also told him that he did have the type of sleep apnea caused by a obstruction in the mouth. That was something he couldn't cure. (A few months after writing this post, I was reading a book about tongue ties and discovered that tongue ties can sometimes be the cause of sleep apnea...we are currently looking into having Phillip's posterior tongue tie revised and I will write a new post specifically on adult tongue ties if it helps!) 

Alright back to the story...our doctor then he told us that Phillip's body was very negatively affected by EMF's as well. I had no idea that EMF's could affect sleep! It was a light-bulb moment. 

EMF's are Electro Magnetic Frequencies and they are  what cell phones, laptops, smart microwaves, Bluetooth and all wireless devices run off of. It is EVERYWHERE. I have actually researched a lot about EMF's ever since we learned that Phillip is negatively impacted by them and it turns out that they are negatively impacting our health in ways we may not even realize. For more info on EMF's and what you can do to protect your family from the damaging impact of them, check out this page! 

Our integrative medicine doctor sent us home with a 3 month natural protocol for clearing out the parasite infection over multiple life-cycles of the parasite. So for the next three months, I drove my husband to work every morning after loading up our 3 kids out of bed and picked him up every afternoon since the diagnosis of narcolepsy meant that he didn't have his doctor's permission to drive his work truck. It was a long 3 months but I knew it was worth it if he could be cured and not need drugs for the rest of his life. 

We also turned off our WiFi router every night before can actually find an automatic switch for this and I highly recommend it! To this day, when the router turns back on in the morning, my husband wakes up and if it doesn't get turned off at night, he doesn't sleep well. Monitoring my husband's exposure to EMF's will always be important to his health.

We went back to our integrative medicine doctor after the third month of treatment to see if the Babesia was cured. His scan came back completely clean. 

He was cured of Babesia and he no longer had any of the symptoms of Narcolepsy! 
It was like he was a completely different person!

Instead of being exhausted ALL day, he wasn't tired any more! He stopped falling asleep while driving. He stopped falling asleep while walking around at work. He stopped falling asleep while watching TV or sitting in a theater. He didn't falling asleep in the middle of a conversation with someone any more. He no longer fell asleep in the car when he stopped at a traffic light. He stopped having to drink Monster drinks all had gotten so bad that even while he was drinking one, he would fall asleep! Now he didn't need to drink them at all! 

Before being cured of Babesia, his score on the questionnaire for the sleep study was a 20 out of 24....after being cured, it was a 4 out of 20! It was a dramatic difference.

But in order for him to get the all-clear to drive his work truck again, he had to go through another sleep study. I was so nervous he wouldn't pass even though he was doing so much better! Not only did he have to do a sleep study, but he had to do a wakefulness study. A wakefulness study is where you have to sit in a completely dark room in a chair without moving for 45 minutes and stay awake the whole time...and you have to do it 3 times in one day.  Just thinking about it makes me tired!

When he went back to the narcolepsy specialist to find out the results from his sleep study and his wakefulness test, the doctor was SHOCKED. 

Phillip had passed the wakefulness test with flying colors! 

He didn't know how Phillip passed it. He told Phillip that he didn't have narcolepsy any more and that all his driving restrictions were lifted. Whether or not Phillip had narcolepsy and Babesia or just Babesia, I will never know. But I share Phillip's story because I wonder how many people being diagnosed with narcolepsy actually have something else like Babesia and could experience healing like my husband did. 

I am so grateful that we didn't stop trying to find the root cause...

If there is one thing I want to leave you with, it is this: There is a reason behind everything that happens in your body. Find a doctor who empowers you to find the root of the issue and find someone who will keep searching until they have found the answer even if it is layers deep. Don't be content with sticking a band-aid on your symptoms...there is a reason for them. Listen to your body and find a doctor who will listen to you. You know your body better than anyone else. You live in it! The search for that doctor will be worth EVERY single penny you have. There is hope.

If you are feeling stuck wondering where to even start looking for answers, join our community where we talk all things health and natural solutions. No matter what you are dealing with, you can ask any questions you have in our group and learn about a variety of options for starting your own health journey and finding some direction on where to start looking for YOUR answers. You never know when one person's experience and story will fill in the missing pieces in your own health puzzle and change your life.

xo Rachelle 


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