Decluttering The Toxins While You Clean
When you are in the middle of decluttering, it is the perfect opportunity to do some deep-cleaning! You'll want to wipe out drawers, cupboards, and clean all your horizontal surfaces! 

When you are doing your deep-cleaning, it is important to use a high quality plant-based cleaner...Why is this you might ask? Because most store-bought cleaners are known to cause lung damage and other issues. When you are cleaning in tight spaces, it is important to clean with something that is not going to irritate your lungs and is also safe to use around your children and pets! 

The air quality of our homes is actually 5-10 times more toxic than outdoor air quality and the type of cleaners we use in the home is a big part of what is causing our toxic air quality. Our homes are not well-ventilated so anything that you use in your home just stays in the air whether or not you can smell it. So using a plant-based cleaner is key to avoiding headaches and respiratory discomfort while cleaning and to protect your family.

Have you ever read the label on your cleaner and seen the words "Poison", "Do not ingest", "Call Poison control if swallowed"? Friend, there is no need to have those dangerous chemicals in your home any more. <3

I use one bottle of cleaner for everything in my house. I was able to toss a whole shelf full of cleaners and simplify my life with this one cleaner that cleans EVERYTHING! I use it on carpet stains, furniture stains, clothing stains, glass, marble, wood, counter tops, greasy areas, toys, high-chairs and more. It has truly simplified my life! 

My kids can even help me clean with it because its 100% safe. It costs less than $1.50 per spray bottle for me to make and it comes ultra-concentrated so I can make it whatever dilution I need for the job! It is the most affordable and most powerful plant-based cleaner I've ever used. Plus, it smells like Christmas whenever I clean! Win-Win!

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