So what does it look like to be a part of our Young Living team? 

1.) Grab your starter kit and enroll on essential rewards! Once you have your starter kit, you will get your own referral link so you can start your business right away! You don't even have to wait for your kit to arrive before you get started! 

Every time you share your link with someone and they grab a kit like you did, you'll earn $50 right off the bat! There is more to commissions than that, but that's the easy and simple explanation that you need for now! So just help two people grab a kit each month and you'll get your 100pv order paid for! Don't worry...I'll show you how!

2.) Once you have grabbed your kit, I will get you plugged into our exclusive business training! It is a self-paced business training with the best Diamonds, Crown Diamonds, & Royal Crown Diamonds along with other amazing nuggets to help you grow your mindset and your business! It's going to be AWESOME!!! 

3.) Join our exclusive FB groups for education on our products and business training! Every Thursday night at 6:30pm MST, we have a business training zoom call where you can learn from our Platinum and Gold leaders who are gracious, encouraging, and full of wisdom! These calls also get recorded so you can go back and listen to any of the calls from the past! Once you have grabbed your kit, I'll get you invited to our FB groups and get you all plugged in!

4.) You will have 100% exclusive access to our member area where you can learn everything you need to learn about our products along with recipes and everything you need to pick which products you will want to start trying out for your own family's health goals!

5.) You will have access to me 24/7 (well, except when I'm sleeping...) and you can text me any business questions, life questions, I am here for YOU 100%. Whenever you want one-on-one mentoring, we can do a phone call or a zoom call! I am here to help you SUCCEED!!! 

6.) When you are feeling stuck, I can help you move forward through negative emotions and help you move towards your goals with the Aroma Freedom Technique...a specialized technique using essential oils and proven psychological therapy tools to help your brain refocus and reach your own success! It has helped me tremendously and it's something I offer to all of my members, no matter what their goals are, business-related or not! 

Are you still wondering if this is for you or not? Let's chat and I can answer any questions you still might have and help you decide if this is an opportunity for you, no pressure! 


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