We were the typical Americans buying the Dawn dishsoap and Tide laundry detergent...thinking nothing of buying Soft Soap hand soap...even thinking we were going nontoxic by buying Mrs. Meyers Multipurpose cleaner instead of the 409 cleaner! Maybe we were not so different from you right now! 

When I married the love of my life, my marine veteran, little did I know the path that lay ahead. He felt terrible ALL the time. His whole body was in a high amount of pain ALL the time...his back was messed up. His digestive system was a mess and he could hardly sleep. He had terrible migraines weekly and had no hope that things would ever be better. I had no idea what was going on or what to do.

He felt so terrible that about once a month, he would tell me that he thought he would die young and that I would be a young widow...hearing that made me want to cry every time.

It took me a few years to understand what he was suffering because he doesn't complain about pain...he also has an incredibly high pain tolerance. And when I say "high", I mean that he stepped on a nail when he was younger and wondered why the board was attached to his foot because he didn't feel anything...so yes, incredibly high pain tolerance. He would get a raging ear infection and tell his mom that his ear "itched" and she would take him to the doctor and the doctor would look in his ear and be shocked that he wasn't screaming in pain. I didn't even know this level of pain tolerance was humanely possible but apparently it is. 

I would take him to doctors but we never got any answers for most of his complaints. One doctor did diagnose him with Celiac disease...so we finally had an answer for his gut health issues but nothing else. It pushed us to start reading the labels...to be aware of the food we were buying...that was our first step into health. 

It was ironic because I knew the stuff we were buying wasn't healthy...but it was yummy, you know? I would tell myself "Ignorance is bliss..."  Well, guess what...ignorance is not bliss when you are ruining your health. 

A Shocking Discovery
One day, my husband started complaining about the Dawn dish soap making his hands itch and then one night after he washed the dishes for me, he got a chemical burn. At that point, he told me "I'm not washing dishes any more for you until you find a different dish soap." I was overwhelmed with the idea of switching dish soaps because first, I didn't even know what ingredient he was allergic to and second, I had started learning that most of the "natural" products at the store are actually green-washed...which means they say on the label that they are green/clean ingredients but they still have toxic ingredients hidden on the label. 

I started researching the products I was already buying...and I was shocked at what I found. Our Dawn dish soap was an 8 out of 10 for carcinogens, reproductive toxicity, and developmental toxicity! What I found even more shocking was that our Soft Soap hand soap was a 9 out of 10 for the same exact things. And the moment, I looked up Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash, I was DONE. I knew it wasn't all natural. I knew that it wasn't the best thing out there...but they gave it to me when I brought my first baby home from the hospital! Surely it couldn't be THAT bad... 

It was a 10 out of 10 for carcinogens, reproductive toxicity, and developmental toxicity. And I had been bathing my two little girls in this toxic soup for TWO YEARS! I was HORRIFIED. I tossed it in the trash right then and swore that no matter what it took, I was going toxin-free in my home. I was done with all the marketing schemes, all the green-washing saying stuff was safe when it wasn't. 

xo Rachelle 

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