What is the Aroma Freedom Technique?
The Aroma Freedom Technique was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. Back in the late 1990's, he was working in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which is a powerful technique for helping people work through trauma. At that time, he found an amazing connection between scent and emotion. It turned out that it was the missing piece that would allow these processes to work more quickly and deeply due to the fact the amygdala which is in the limbic system responds instantaneously to the sense of smell. 

I had been trying to use essential oils for some deep emotional traumas just by smelling them or putting them in my diffuser and while they were helpful in that moment, they weren't healing my brain. When I finally decided to give the AFT a try, (let's be honest, it sounded a little weird to me), I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the power of it. I had spent hours at the counselor's office trying to work through this deep pain I had and yet one session of AFT cleared and healed the memories faster and better than any counseling I had received... 

(I still stand behind counseling 100% because it was very helpful in other ways!) 

The beauty of using essential oils to assist with processing of stressful memories is that there is a deep connection between the sense of smell and memory and it is possible to actually change the meaning of memories by introducing oils at the right time. It sounds simple, but there is actually a particular method that must be followed in order to see results. 

The AFT uses specific blends to process negative memories, connect us to positive memories, or form associations with positive thoughts and intentions. Your limbic system in the center of the brain is tied directly to the sense of smell. Smell is the only way you can actually reach the limbic system.

The limbic system is the coordinator of all your emotional memories...however they are not stored there. That part of the brain performs functions of a librarian who catalogues all the emotional memory books and then assigns a location on the shelves of your body to hold that information for future reference. When we have an emotional experience, especially a traumatic or painful one, the amygdala assigns a part of your body to remember that experience until you are ready to deal with it. Stored emotions can actually hinder the function of our organs and make us sick as well as keep us from achieving the goals we would like to achieve. 

Are you ready for the past to let go? Are you ready to find emotional freedom in your life? I want to help you find freedom like I did.

xo Rachelle 

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