Reason #1 - It's delicious! 
Unlike other supplement drinks you may have tried in the past, NingXia Red tastes like fruit juice...because that's basically what it is! NingXia Red contains whole wolfberry puree so you are getting all the nutrients from the whole food, along with blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices, natural stevia extract, grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract, and Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine essential oils! It is the most delicious supplement ever! You won't forget to take it because you'll love the way it tastes and how it makes you feel! 

Reason #2 - It is far more bioavailable than a pill or a capsule supplement. 
First, it is infused with essential oils. Not only does this add a delicious citrusy flavor to NingXia Red, but it dramatically increases the bioavailability of this supplement and increases the absorption in your body! The tiny oils act as a delivery system for the larger molecules! Second, it is a liquid supplement! If you did a digestive function test, 95-98 percent of us would come back with a weak or deficient digestive system—because of medications, stress, and processed food. To get NingXia in a liquid form means you absorb it faster, and your body doesn’t have to break it down.

Reason #3 - It's loaded with antioxidants! 
Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in your body. Free radicals basically rust your body from the inside out and cause eye damage, premature aging, and many chronic diseases. When compared to other fruits on the ORAC scale which is how antioxidants are measured in food, prunes have 5,770, blueberries have 2,440, and the NingXia wolfberry has 25,300! It is the highest antioxidant food source in the world!

Reason #4 - It is made with the highest quality wolfberry in the world! 
There are at least 80 species of Lysium berries worldwide, but only the Lysium Barbarum (the NingXia Wolfberry) shows the highest nutrient levels in scientific testing. The NingXia region holds the Gold Certificate; China’s equivalent of the USDA’s organic certification. They are grown with no fertilizers, no pesticides, no sulfur, no irradiation, no dyes, and no heavy metals of lead, arson, mercury, or cadmium in the soil. 

The NingXia region’s irrigation water comes from the Yellow River, which is upstream from all the pollutants of the major cities. The Yellow River floods the NingXia plants with a layer of minerals and silt every year. The farms in NingXia are in a semi-arid region with plenty of sunlight, and a high temperature difference between night and day (think of sap running in maple trees). Temperature differences are good for the liquids in plants, they keep them moving. The elevation is just right for the plant to be the most productive. Any other place in the world would not have the same ecological condition of the pH of the water, the nutrients in the soil, or silt from the Yellow River. The conditions have earned NingXia the distinction of being China’s recognized herbal medicine valley and it is the only place that produces medicinal wolfberries and those are the only wolfberries used in our NingXia Red!

Reason #5 - NingXia promotes an alkaline body! 
Our bodies are either in an acidic, a neutral, or an alkaline state. When your body is in an acidic state, that is the environment where viruses, bacteria, and even cancer grows. An alkaline body inhibits disease. When NingXia hits your stomach, it starts to break down as an acid...but as soon as it hits the small intestine it converts back to alkaline! It’s acid binding and alkaline forming. Only one other food does that: the lemon. Wolfberry is chemically structured to convert because of the amino acid Tripsin—which is responsible for the conversion of amino acids in protein. And guess what NingXia is? It’s alkaline protein. It’s the most perfect food that exists.

Reason #6 - It is a perfectly balanced nutrient! 
Minerals have to be properly balanced. Too much calcium will result in a zinc deficiency. Too much zinc can suppress immunity and lead to anemia. Both the mineral profile and the mineral balance of the NingXia wolfberry is without equal in the plant kingdom. With magnesium to calcium ratios 1:1, zinc to copper 2:1, and potassium to magnesium 8:1: it is exactly what the body needs in proportion. It is also coming from a whole food source, not a lab! This is critical because most supplements are created in a lab and your body doesn't actually use even half of just goes through the body and out without doing anything useful in your body.

Reason #7 - NingXia Red has the right sugar and the right enzymes! 
But sugar is bad, right? Not all sugar. NingXia has the right sugar to open the door to your cell. When our cell membranes are 1) inflamed 2) oxidized 3) toxic 4) lacking in mitochondrial function to energize the receptors to open and close—we have no energy. NingXia’s sugars open the door to our cells so good information can get passed to them. It crosses the lipid layer of the cell and passes inside. And then your energy levels increase! Only 8 sugars on the earth can open the door. NingXia has 4 of the 8, naturally occurring inside the wolfberry. Let’s also talk enzymes. By age 40, you start losing digestive enzymes in the gut. NingXia is loaded with the right enzymes to help you break food down and get the nutrients out of what you eat!

Other Important Things About NingXia

It contains every essential amino acid. It contains 13 percent protein, the highest protein content of any fruit. It has trace minerals. It has naturally occurring Vitamins B1, B6, and B2—the energy vitamin.  It has more Vitamin C than all the fruits and veggies on the earth: 148 milligrams. Parsley and Spinach have 133 milligrams. Oranges have 53. It has more calcium than cherries (16mg) and cruciferous veggies (50) at 110 milligrams, and more beta carotene (12,600) than carrots (11,000). It is loaded with fiber because the skin of the berry was preserved. 

The NingXia wolfberry and good nutrition can impact your cell membrane. It helps cellular communication take place, it gives the mitochondria the energy it needs, it provides micronutrients and feeds mitochondria, and it has the right sugar to open the cell door.  When you eat poorly, your cells get mucked up. That lipid layer on the outside of the cell gets sticky. And the cells stack on top of one another like coins. NingXia wipes that doorway clean, increases the surface area so that good information can get passed to the cell! 

If you want to see it in action, check out the beginning of this video! 

Ready to try it for yourself?

xo Rachelle 


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