I'm only 5'2"...so I thought that having unbearable heartburn during pregnancy was just the normal thing for me...until I figured out that it wasn't...

With my first pregnancy, I tried everything for heartburn...I tried apple cider vinegar, I tried calcium, I tried not eating spicy or acidic foods...nothing worked. The only thing I could find that relieved it was either ice cream or TUMS...it wasn't any wonder that I gained 50+ lbs with that pregnancy. I had a terrible time trying to get to sleep especially because laying down just made it worse. After my first daughter was born, I took a trip to the dentist...only to find out that I had 9 (NINE) cavities at the top of my teeth...because the heartburn was literally eating away at my enamel! That's how bad it was...little did I know my heartburn was going to wreck my teeth! 

Fast forward to my second pregnancy...I still had awful heartburn even though I was eating healthier than I did with my first pregnancy because my husband had been diagnosed with celiac and we had completely changed our eating habits. 

When I found out that I was pregnant with my third baby, I just expected to start getting heartburn again near the end of my first trimester like every other pregnancy...I was shocked when it didn't show up until later in my third trimester! The only thing I was doing different was drinking a superfood red drink called NingXia Red that gave me energy and tons of antioxidants! I had no idea it would help with my heartburn too! Who knew that when your body is getting more nutrients including tons of antioxidants and prebiotics, pregnancy heartburn barely shows up! I felt amazing! It was a completely different pregnancy in so many ways. 

Later in my third trimester, when I did have a few minor episodes of heartburn, I discovered that the oil Digize applied right on the bottom of the throat or on top of the baby bump worked wonders and my heartburn would disappear within a couple minutes! It was a life-saver! 

My only regret was not knowing about these two things with my other pregnancies but you don't know what you don't know!

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To learn more about how NingXia Red supports your health, check out this article. 

Ready to try NingXia Red?

xo Rachelle <3 

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