Scared About Labor? 
Are you expecting your first child and you're scared or nervous about your first birthing experience? I remember those feelings well. I was so scared, nervous, and afraid of the pain before my first baby and I wanted to share with you my first birth experience and all the things I learned from it because I want to speak life and encouragement into that place <3  

Preparing For My Second Birth
As you already know if you have read about my first birthing experience, my planned homebirth turned into a hospital birth. When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I wanted to plan another homebirth because I had really liked being able to labor at home for most of my labor with my first baby...

Trying To Get Labor Going
My third pregnancy was one for the books! As the days started going by, I started doing various things to try and get labor going. I even had the chiropractor do the acupressure points on the inside of my about OUCH! But that still didn't get things moving. I was having almost no contractions at all...

I hope you enjoy these stories! Birth is such an amazing experience and I know your birth story will be amazing too! 

xo Rachelle <3 


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