The Metro Denver Partnership for Health (which is composed of five county health directors) is attempting to persuade Gov. Polis and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment to begin to implement what appears to be a statewide vaccine passport. The request was sent to the governor and the executive director of the CDPHE on 11/12/21 and selected excerpts follow:
“In the face of unprecedented challenges presented by the current COVID-19 surge to the capacity of hospital systems across Colorado – a surge that may require rationing of medical care in the near future – the Metro Denver Partnership for Health urgently requests that you issue a statewide public health order that requires the following:
• Vaccine passports (required proof of vaccination for all patrons and staff) in high- risk indoor settings such as bars, restaurants, gyms, sporting events, and other large-group settings.
• Face coverings for all Coloradans ages 2 and older in public indoor settings without vaccine passports.
[Vaccine] uptake has lagged in many areas across the state, and thus, we additionally ask that you take steps to require vaccination (without a testing option) among the following key sectors of our workforce to increase Colorado’s vaccination rates:
• Teachers, staff, and volunteers in schools and licensed child care settings
• Staff and volunteers in shelters and other congregate living settings
• Health care providers not already subject to mandates, including individuals licensed by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Professions and Occupations
• State, county, municipal employees, boards and commissions, city councils, and their contractors not already subject to mandates.”
This power grab is being made by UNELECTED officials and without ANY input from stakeholders-Colorado citizens, business and venue owners, teachers and others. It is also bypassing the legislative process!
Please take these four actions TONIGHT!!
 1    Register to attend the CDPHE Board of Health meeting that is being held TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY NOV. 17. Show up and speak up! When the board asks who would like to speak, you simply signal with a “raised hand”.
 2    Call and/or email the CDPHE director, Jill Hunsaker Ryan, and DEMAND that she follow the law and not exceed it. Let her know how you feel about statewide vaccine passports and mandatory masking of Coloradans 2 years old and up.  Demand that the CDPHE provide proof of mask and vaccine efficacy. (The CDC Director, herself, has publicly and repeatedly explained that vaccines cannot stop transmission.) Also, demand that the CDPHE act within legal bounds.
Jill Hunsaker Ryan 303-692-2012
 3    Call and/or email the House and Senate Finance committees and ask them to hold the CDPHE financially accountable. Tell them that you, as a taxpayer, do not appreciate our state health department discriminating against fellow Coloradans, and that you would like for them to bring the CDPHE in line with statute under threat of cutting their funding if they fail to do so.
Senate Finance Committee phone:  303-866-4862 
House Finance Committee phone:  303-866-4735
 4    Call and/or email Gov. Polis and let him know that you do not support vaccine passports or mandatory masking. Also, you can remind him that the CDPHE is exceeding its statutory authority in this attempt.
Gov. Polis’ Chief of Staff: Lisa Kauffman. 303-866-6290


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