I had tried everything. 
I had tried therapy. I had tried oils. I had even tried Splankna.
All these things helped a little...

But I still could not escape.
 I couldn't escape the words spoken over me as a child that were holding me back from being successful in my own mindset. I couldn't escape the negative memories surrounding my children. I couldn't escape the anger and frustration simmering inside that came from who knows where. I literally had tried to let go of any bitterness or anger in my heart and I didn't feel like I was actually holding on to it...but it was holding on to me...

I felt like I had tried everything to break free but nothing was working...

In June 2019, I bought a Zyto scanner which is basically a biofeedback tool that can read through frequencies in your body and rate how your organs are doing, how your body is balanced against viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, and how your state of emotions are and where they are being stored in your body.
EVERY SINGLE time I scanned myself, (19 times in 7 months ) it showed my liver was completely unbalanced and out of wack and the emotions of frustration and anger off the charts. I knew I was frustrated. I knew I was angry even though most people wouldn't have known because it was all so deep inside... I just couldn't figure out how to actually let go and move forward!

Then in January 2020, I decided to try the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT). I didn't know if it would actually work but I was desperate. The Aroma Freedom Technique combines Memory System Resolution with a very precise blend of oils to help release negative emotions from past memories. It doesn't erase the memories but it erases the negative emotions that you are holding on to that are being stored in your body so that your memory can correctly process the traumatic incident and file it properly.

As I was going through the AFT process, one of the emotions that came up for me was...you guessed it...frustration...
When this emotion came up, I felt it strongly in my jaw and thinking of that feeling took me back to a place in my past where I had been shut down, unheard, and manipulated. A place where I wasn't allowed to have a different opinion, where I clenched my jaw to keep the frustration inside because I couldn't let it out.  

As I was breathing the oils into the memory, it slowly faded into the distance but suddenly I had the worst jaw pain I've ever had in my entire life. And I've never had jaw pain...it hurt so badly that I was sure I was going to have to put oils on my jaw after I was done! Then as I kept breathing into the memory, the jaw pain started to dissipate and suddenly I felt extremely tired. I just slumped down in my chair because I was sooo exhausted all of the sudden...

Then 3 life-changing words came into my brain. "I forgive him..."

 I can't even explain the lightness I felt in my heart all of the sudden...and it grew and grew until I felt I could practically jump into the sky and fly. I felt like I was free...free from a burden that had weighed me down for far too long. 

It was like the chains that had been holding me back were broken...
I was finally FREE. 

Now, I had forgiven this person in my heart already. I didn't feel that I held anything against him. But my brain and my body had not ever processed through the emotions he made me feel! 

After this incredible experience, I went and did a Zyto scan right after I finished this AFT session. 
For the first time ever, my liver scanned totally balanced and anger and frustration were both finally within balance for the first time ever! My liver has never scanned out of balance since and frustration and anger are hardly ever high any more after this AFT session. 

A year after this experience, I decided that I wanted to do more to help others find emotional freedom and I became a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner. If you are ready to discover emotional freedom for yourself, I would love to walk with you on your journey...you can schedule your own personal Aroma Freedom session with me at the link below as well as see other people's testimonials about Aroma Freedom. I can't wait to help you find freedom from your past. <3 

xo Rachelle 

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  1. NORALEEN GREENIDGE  11/05/2020 09:46 PM Central
    Wow Rachelle! thank you for sharing this! I can relate with the frustration I felt and I feel so much stress in my jaw....it hurts so bad.... and in my neck too....It is amazing how this tool can help heal....memories ...I love how the power of forgiveness helps heal with essential oils : )

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