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Since the other "natural" products I was using weren't actually toxin-free (even though I thought they were!), I wasn't seeing any results from being toxin-free until I switched to the REAL toxin-free, plant-based products. Once I had actually changed everything over, it took time for our bodies to detox from all the other junk we had been using for years and years...

But then we started noticing little changes that turned into big changes. What was truly surprising to me were the results we had after going completely toxin-free.  I am not exaggerating when I say it changed our lives. Things that had not even been on my radar as something that could be caused by toxins started changing! 

My husband's body pain went AWAY! He is no longer was in pain everywhere ALL THE TIME! I 100% believe that decreasing the inflammation in his body with the toxin-free products was key to helping his leaky gut heal along with the food...now his gut health is EXCELLENT! He never has migraines any more either and he used to get them at least once a week! He doesn't get a sinus infection every time he gets a cold any more! We both have more energy than we have ever had! My brain is no longer foggy and I feel like I can think clearly again!

So many other subtle things have changed too that its hard to put a finger on it but we have truly never felt better!

If you had told me we would see a dramatic change...I probably would not have believed you. 

But now I can't stay silent about the silent killers in our homes from our home and body products.
These chemicals are even able to rewrite our DNA...affecting the lives of even our grandchildren. We must take this seriously and we must make changes now. 

xo Rachelle 

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