How Decluttering Is The 1st Step To Organization
For years, I thought that organizing was simply having enough organization bins and I bought them all the time! I was fairly organized but then things would get out of order quickly and I'd have to do it all over again! Have you ever felt like you are always organizing? That's what I felt like...

If you follow the steps that I will give you, you will hardly ever have to go back and do an organization project a second time...what you organize this way will last! (Except in your kid's rooms...I mean...let's be real!) 

This will be a series where I will share my tips for how to get organized: whether you live in a fifth wheel (which I have!), a small mobile home, or a large house. These tips will work for everyone. 

So the first step of organizing is decluttering.
Declutter: Remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)
Why is it so important to declutter before you attempt to organize? Because in order to organize, you have to know exactly what is going where and how much of that item you need to organize in order to pick the right size organizing container or bin! 

If you don't declutter first, you will find that you have too large of organizing bins because you are keeping more than you need and you will find that you will fill whatever organization bins you have to the max. That is just what we do. So, in order to keep your items organized, you must first declutter so that your organizing bins of choice will be the perfect size for the amount of items you actually need/want to keep!

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