First, understanding the science is crucial to understanding why the quality of an essential oil matters so much to the efficacy (or effectiveness) of the oil. I highly recommend truly understanding the science of how oils work because you will have a far better understanding of how powerful oils are and how you can truly harness that power to change your health! 

This is an in-person class that I taught and recorded on the science of how oils work! It's too complex to explain in a blog post but if you watch this, I think it is simple enough that anyone can understand. It is going to blow your mind! 


Almost all the information I learned about the science of essential oils and how they work, I learned from Dr. Doug Corrigan. He is a very gifted scientist with a Ph.D. is in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He has a Masters is in Quantum/Solid State physics and his bachelors is in physics and electrical engineering. He has worked with NASA as well as started his own biotech company that developed new tools for discovering drugs to combat drug resistant forms of HIV. He now loves researching ways to fix the body more naturally. He is definitely one of the smartest humans in my acquaintance. 

It is important to me that I find actual experts in their fields to learn from when it comes to essential oils because so much information that goes around the internet about them is by people who haven't even used them or have used a poor quality brand and is comparing their experience of that oil to all essential oils. Essential oils are not created equal. 

Here are some additional resources if you'd like to dig in further into the science!

Ready to harness the power of essential oils in your home?

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