What makes getting essential oils with us different than just buying them from the grocery store shelves is not just the quality of oils you are purchasing, but the amazing community that comes with them.

Why Is Community So Important?

Community is how you truly learn how to use your oils. It is in community that you gain the real-life knowledge from others who have been through similar struggles so that instead of trying to figure out what works all by yourself and maybe giving up before you have found the answers you need, you stand on their shoulders and learn what they know and you build on that. 

There are so many things I've learned from our community that I wouldn't have found easily in a book...like how Copiaba is wonderful for bruises and Geranium is amazing to stop bleeding. So many random tidbits that have come in so handy but that I would have never known otherwise! I love that I can even call people when I am feeling stuck and I don't know what to try for a wasp sting or a cold. And I'm just a text or a phone call away for you as well. 

Beyond that, community brings friendships you never thought possible. It brings connection and even purpose to your health and wellness journey. Being on this wellness journey with others is an amazing feeling because you are truly not alone. Others have walked the same path as you and when you meet them in our Young Living community, you can create friendships for life. 

What Our Community Offers

Not only does our community offer connection and friendships, but also amazing educational opportunities. You can learn via Facebook classes in our groups, you can search our groups to find the information you are looking for, you can also learn via quick and easy text classes or our exclusive customer area with simple videos and free printables with recipes for anything you could need. However you learn best with your busy lifestyle, we have an option for you. 

We also have a lot of fun in our community! We have different challenges like weight-loss challenges or NingXia Red challenges with fun prizes! We have various giveaways every month that you can win! During Christmas, we do fun things like Secret Santa or 12 Days of Gifts! We have retreats & team mingles for those local and if you want to find some people in our community that are local to you, you probably can! There are thousands across the United States in other countries that are a part of our close-knit community. 

No matter your personality or how you like to learn, we have something to offer you! We want to walk with you on this journey and help you in whatever ways we can <3 This oil journey or toxin-free living journey isn't one you have to take alone. We are here to make this simple, easy, and fun! 

xo Rachelle 


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