After I became a mom, I was exhausted...but there was something really weird about that. My babies actually slept great after about 8-10 months...they slept through the night fine! And I was sleeping like a rock...But I was still EXHAUSTED. 

I would wake up from a complete night of sleep, where I hadn't woken up once, feeling like I hadn't gotten a wink of sleep. I would just lie in bed trying to get enough energy to roll myself out of bed when I used to just wake up and be right at it! I didn't know what was wrong but I knew something wasn't normal.

I had heard about other women feeling low in energy and finding out it was their thyroid so I started to think that I most have something terribly wrong with my thyroid! I finally went to see a doctor who did the blood work I turned that all my numbers were great! I was SO confused because I was sure that was the problem...

I was at the end of my rope...and I really didn't want to turn to coffee. I drink coffee on occasion but I didn't want to HAVE to drink it everyday because I didn't want to get addicted to the caffeine or mess with my adrenals so much that I would wear them I just wanted something else that would actual support my body's natural energy sources. 

I had heard about this magical red superfood drink that boosted your energy and I finally was ready to give it a try. I just needed to feel myself again! So I bought my first bottles of NingXia Red.

I didn't notice a huge boost of energy at first...but I kept taking 2 oz every turns out that when you are depleted like a dead battery, it can take a bit for all the vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to get "recharged" in your body. It was probably about a month later that I started to really notice a difference. 

Instead of waking up exhausted, I was waking up with more energy! Not only that, instead of getting super tired around 2:oopm and needing a nap, I was able to keep on doing things all day long without feeling tired! Now, thanks to NingXia, I can wake up at 5:30am and go go go until 10:00pm without feeling exhausted!

There were other changes I started to notice...I had been waking up almost every morning with a chronic sore throat. It would eventually go away during the day but I didn't know why this was happening every morning! After I started drinking NingXia Red, my chronic sore throats went away completely! 

I also noticed that my immune system felt stronger than ever! A few years before I had gotten sick 9 out of 12 months of the year...but when I started drinking NingXia Red I stopped getting cold symptoms so frequently and I rarely actually got sick! It also was helping regulate my digestive system! My pregnancy on NingXia Red was absolutely my best pregnancy too!

NingXia Red's key ingredient is the NingXia wolfberry! There is a lot about this particular wolfberry and where it is grown that makes it special compared to all the other wolfberries and goji berries in the world. It is the highest food source of antioxidants in the entire world! Compared to other fruits on the ORAC scale which is how antioxidants are measured in food, prunes have 5,770, blueberries have 2,440, and the NingXia wolfberry has 25,300! It is incredible! And that's only one reason why this superfood drink is so powerful!

Watch this short video to see what it actually does to your blood under a microscope! When I saw this, I was just mind-blown!

For more information about the other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that make NingXia Red a superfood, check out the link below!

xo Rachelle 


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