That was the dream, the goal. It was the vision that I had been taught I should have...being a good wife consisted of being able to cook, taking care of my kids, doing crafts with them, and homeschooling them. I could have a small side home business like selling bread but I should definitely never make more money than my husband because it was his job to provide. That’s what I was raised to believe.

Then I grew up. I got my college degree. I got married. I had kids. We lived full-time in a fifth-wheel rv &

I felt like I was suffocating. 

Something had changed...that someone was me. I was so unhappy. I thought something was terribly wrong with me...I thought that I must not love my girls enough...otherwise I wouldn’t feel so stuck being at home with them. Why didn’t I love the dream I used to have? The guilt was debilitating. I believed the lies that the enemy whispered in my ear...that I wasn’t enough...and I became more and more depressed.

I started trying to escape my reality and I became addicted to Netflix...I binge-watched shows every single day, all day long. All the confidence I had had before kids was gone. I had absolutely no confidence in my ability to be a wife or a mom...

I felt like the worst mom to my girls. 

I felt like I had no purpose. 

And there was no way of reaching my hopes & dreams.

All my true dreams I stuffed way down deep. The dream of being able to take trips with my family to places around the world. The dream of building my dream house. The dream of being able to write a check for thousands of dollars to a missionary or an organization I loved. All of them I felt I had to suppress because there would never be enough money for any of them to actually come true…I was trying so hard to be content by just getting rid of my dreams...but instead I grew envious of other people’s success and good fortune.

Something had to change…

An old friend of mine sent me a little book called “Gameplan”...I read it and I cried. It was the answer I had been searching for..

Here was the opportunity to build a business that I could pass down to my children for their inheritance. Here was the opportunity to make a difference in the world by helping people with their health and their wellness. It was the opportunity to help other moms feel fulfilled and make a difference in their family’s income while being at home. It was the opportunity to help my family’s financial status and stop drowning so we could finally have the abundance to help others in need abundantly.

When I said “yes”, little did I know how much my life truly would change. 

And what changed was ME.

My mindset, my heart for my girls, my confidence as a wife and a mom...it all has been transformed. I have never felt more confident in the person that I am now. I know there is more to grow in but the person I am today I would have never found if I had not said yes to this journey. I am more excited about the future than I have ever been before. Finally my dreams that I stuffed down deep can actually come true!

The personal growth journey this business has taken me on has been worth far more than the money I started making and I’m just getting started. I can hardly wait to see who and where I am in another year or three years! And with our change in finances, we were able to achieve my first dream..the dream of owning a home…

Whatever hard struggles you have been walking through, however discouraged or guilty or suffocated you may feel right now, I want you to know that there is hope for you too. It doesn’t always have to be this way. You have everything you need inside of you right now. You just have to peel back the layers to find it.

Have you been searching...looking to feel more fulfilled with purpose like I was? 

Have you been searching for an opportunity to provide your family with more stable finances? 

I want you to know what’s out there for you because it’s changed my life. I want to run with you, to mentor you every step of the way because the only thing that excites me more than my own success is YOURS. My dream now is to help other women reach their dreams...

Are you ready?

xo Rachelle 

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