I wanted to share my story of how I became a truly empowered mom. This is the story of what happened when my 8 week old baby girl got Parainfluenza-3. 

My youngest was born at the beginning of December. I was worried that she would get sick with all the family and Christmas activities we had going on in that month so I started putting a drop of Frankincense on her chest every morning to support her respiratory system and her immune system! The whole month of December she was perfectly healthy with not even a sniffle! 

Then in January, I got a bit lazy and I stopped using Frankincense on her and I didn't use my immune roller on my other two toddlers like I had been in December because I had run out and hadn't gotten around to refilling it yet. One morning, my older girls woke up with a dreadful cough. As soon as I heard it, I was very concerned the baby would get it and that it would be dangerous to her. I tried to keep the older girls away from the baby but lo and behold, my baby got the awful bug too. At this point, she was 8 weeks old.

She started to have breathing issues where she was having trouble breathing and I would rush her into our small bathroom and turn on the shower to make a steam room and put drops of Eucalyptus Radiata on a washcloth in the bottom of the shower to get it into the air. Her breathing fit would stop and we would go about our day until she had another one. 

I was only using some Frankincense on her topically because I had never put other oils on a baby this young and I wasn't sure what else I could use that would be safe. I was nervous to try anything else.

That night, when my husband was home, he saw one of her breathing fits and before I could try the shower steam with her, he was sure we needed to go to the hospital. I didn't want to argue with him since he felt strongly about it so we got in the car to drive to the hospital. Her breathing fit stopped before we got to the hospital but we still went in to get her checked. They did a lung scan and a swab test. Her lungs were clear thankfully and they diagnosed her with parainfluenza-3. They said there wasn't anything they could do but just to go home and keep nursing her often and suctioning out her nose...both of which I had already been doing. 

While we were at the hospital, I was also texting a nurse friend of mine who works in the ICU about how our baby had parainfluenza-3 and she wrote back to make sure to watch her as parainfluenza-3 could get very dangerous for young babies. She was surprised they were just going to send us back home. At that point, I knew when I got home, I needed to try some other things to help my baby get over this cold because I didn't want her breathing issues to get worse and end up back at the hospital or worse. 

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I would rather try something natural that has less risk of a negative side effect versus having to come back to the hospital and have the doctors administer drugs to my brand new baby. 

When we got home past midnight that night, I grabbed my immune roller that I had been using on my two oldest girls and I tried a swipe of it on her feet when I changed her diaper for the night. I hadn't tried it before because even though it was diluted oils, they were stronger oils like Thieves, Oregano, Tea Tree, & Lemon. That is why I only applied it on her feet...the feet are the thickest skin of the body and it's the best place to apply oils on a baby that are not considered very mild so that their skin doesn't get irritated. 

10 ml roller bottle
10 drops Thieves 
10 drops Lemon 
5 drops Oregano 
5 drops Tea Tree
Fill with carrier oil like sweet almond oil. 

She had no bad reaction so the next morning, I kept on applying my immune roller on her feet every time I changed her diaper. I also started using Ravintsara diluted on her chest and letting her breath it in from the bottle. She would lean forward to the bottle...she liked how it helped her feel better! Ravintsara has properties similar to eucalyptus but eucalyptus is not recommended for young babies because it can be too powerful for their lungs. 

The very next morning, I was astonished! She was completely well! It was like she had never been sick! She had no breathing issues, no sinus stuffiness, nothing! 

From that moment on, I became an empowered mom...instead of being scared or nervous to try natural remedies, I knew that I could feel safe using them as long as I knew how to use them safely. And instead of being scared to just try them, I knew they needed to be the first things to try. 

Why are we scared about using plants on our babies when we aren't nervous to use drugs that are manmade? 

It's because we have been taught to fear things that actually have very little ability to harm when used properly. Even though drugs like baby Tylenol have been through testing, they also come with a list of side-effects including liver damage. Essential oils don't cause side-effects. They work with the body to support the body instead of simply cover up the symptoms. 

The most important thing when it comes to using oils on children is education. You need to know how to dilute the oils properly, what oils are therapeutic and safe to use around children, the places to put certain oils, which oils should be avoided at certain ages, and which oils are safest to use around young children. I have spent the last 3 years studying and learning how to use oils safely on children of all ages and I'm passionate about helping other moms feel empowered to use natural solutions for their children's wellness.

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xo Rachelle 


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