This is our story...I know that this is a very controversial subject but I just ask one thing of you...that you come with an open mind. What my husband has experienced from vaccines is not normal and his story is important. 

My husband was fully vaccinated in the marine corp.
When we got married, he was very certain that vaccines were a good thing. But the more we talked about it, the more he and I both realized that he had had some severe vaccine reactions that had done a number on his health. At the time, he just thought that they were normal...

After receiving all the vaccines the first day of boot camp, he was SIQ for 2 whole days...this means Sick In Quarters where you are literally quarantined to your bed. Being SIQ in bootcamp is pretty much UNHEARD of. You are never supposed to be quarantined to your bed in doesn't matter how sick you are, you are supposed to keep up with the training...They were worried that he wasn't going to be able to make up the training and finish bootcamp since he has SIQ for 2 whole days. That's how bad his vaccine reaction was. That's not normal.

After that initial vaccine reaction, he also had bronchitis for OVER a YEAR. That's crazy!

There was a new vaccine that was tested on him and a bunch of other marines...
He never saw a bunch of those marines ever again after getting that nasal flu shot with them. They just disappeared...and he wasn't allowed to ask about them. I'll let you guess what might have happened to them. Hearing that story was very unnerving and heart-breaking to me...

Then after we were married, he was diagnosed with Celiac, an auto-immune disease...Auto-immune diseases are often triggered by vaccines because of the amount of inflammation that has to build up in the body to build up an immune response to the antigen in the vaccine. This is why there are adjuvants like mercury and thimerosol in vaccines along with the antigen. I personally know other adults who were perfectly healthy until they got one vaccine around their teenage years and now they will forever deal with worse auto-immune conditions than my husband has. We are lucky he only has Celiac.

After seeing how he reacted, doing a lot of research and learning more about the ingredients in vaccines, how the immune system works, and the possible adverse reactions to vaccines, we decided together that we would look for other options for our children, especially since they have his genetics too.  

I will never judge anyone for their medical choices. I fully understand that everyone comes to vaccines with different perspectives and different medical histories. I completely respect that. I want every one to have the choice about when and how their family vaccinates. Do you know the right questions to ask your doctor?  Grab my free guide here and see my top 5 questions everyone should ask about vaccinations.

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xo Rachelle 


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