Map your unique wellness goals with grace, ease, & clarity.


  • Feeling confused about what is going on in your body?
  • Struggling to be consistent with a plan for your wellness?
  • Tired of constantly guessing what your body needs next? 
  • Aware that you need to make changes but you don't know what to do? 
  • Been to the doctor over & over but not getting answers?
  • Tired of being misunderstood & unheard?
  • Suffering from anxiety, overwhelm, or frustration?

We can help. And we can do it all VIRTUALLY!

We are here to help you achieve your wellness goals.

We educate, support, & encourage you in identifying the wellness challenges you are currently experiencing. We guide you in achieving the goals that are most important to you in the area of your well-being.

We are not medical professionals. We are wellness professionals.
Our mission is to help you feel your best & live well.

The saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure."
Our goal is to help you to be proactive in your wellness, not reactive.

It's time to eliminate the guesswork. It's time for you to feel heard & in control of your wellness.
We are combining our skills to give you the best wellness transformation. With our unique set of skills, you will be able to address the mind-body components that are unique to YOU. You will have a whole new perspective on what's happening on the inside.

  • You will have answers for the symptoms you are having & discover the real root cause with muscle testing. 
  • With wellness mapping, you will feel empowered & know exactly what your body needs to feel strong & balanced again with a sustainable, realistic plan. 
  • You will release stored & unprocessed emotions that are causing dysfunction in your body with a gentle & powerful emotional healing process.
You will feel heard. You will feel calm, relaxed, & empowered knowing that you have now have the tools to change your wellness. You will have hope again. 
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Your healing is on the other side.
You've been to the doctor over & over again. You've been told what your symptoms mean, but you haven't been told how to feel your best & live well.
It's time to change your wellness strategy.

You're aware you need changes in your life, but you aren't sure what to do. 

You want to be proactive in your wellness, not reactive.

Your body is giving you all the clues. 

We help you connect the dots & listen to your body so you can bring your body back into balance. 

You will have a new unique perspective on what's happening on the inside. Unique to YOU.

You will feel calm, peaceful, confident, & relaxed. 

You will feel energized, strong, purposeful, & committed to your healing journey. 


  • Every session of the functional wellness mapping: muscle testing, wellness mapping, & aroma freedom can be done virtually!
  • You do not have to be in location proximity to use our services!
  • Each part of the package works together like the pieces of a puzzle to give you the best results possible.
  • You will have a better understanding about what is happening in your body than you have ever had.
  • You will feel heard & understood.
  • We guide you to becoming empowered & take control of your wellness again. 
  • You make the decisions.
  • Eliminate confusion, guess work, & spending money on things that you don't need or work for your body.
  • You decide your wellness strategy...we just help you hone it for best results.
  • No diagnosis involved (non-medical) 
Save $50 + get more guidance when you take advantage of our package price!
Muscle Testing Session + Mini Wellness Map* with Dan Allen - $150 an hour & half 

Full Wellness Mapping Session** with Ruth Allen - $100 (includes 4 check-ins)

Aroma Freedom Session with Rachelle Nelson - $100 an hour

Save $100 when you pay for the package! All 3 sessions are included in the $250. Each session will be a different day & we will work with your schedule with each session.

*mini wellness map includes the top 3 supplements / oils that your body muscle-tests for

**full wellness map includes top 4 supplements + top 6 oils plus a realistic wellness plan, coaching, and check-ins to make sure you are getting the results you want!
We are combining our skills to give you everything you need for your wellness transformation. 



Ready to get started on your wellness journey? 
Fill out this quick form & see what it's all about!

Your healing is on the other side.
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