Meet Your Wellness Team
We are combining our skills to give you everything you need for your health transformation.
Meet Dan
Certified Energy Practitioner
 A renaissance man of sorts. A teacher, preacher, professional musician, philosopher, businessman and certified energy practitioner who utilizes muscle testing and tuning forks daily. 

Falling in love with music at an early age, he learned four instruments – drums, trumpet, and guitar but found home with the piano - his first love. With the loss of his mother at an early age, an inquisitiveness into the nature of things, and the healing power of music in his own life, these three factors converged to form an innate compassion with insightfulness for others and a curiosity for understanding the hidden forces at work in one’s health and wellness that became the driving force in him becoming a certified energy practitioner. 

Natural gifting, sensitivity and real-world experience has had him often referred to by his colleagues and wife as the “Medical Intuitive”.

Dan grew up being a dog lover but later in life discovered cats need love too and is now the proud Cat Dad of RJ (stands for Red Junior).  A native of the Great Northwest, Dan recently embarked on his latest grand adventure, residing & exploring historical Tennessee with his wife Ruth.  RJ lets them live with him in his house near Greeneville.

Meet Ruth
Wellness Mapping & Clean Living Lifestyle Consultant
 Ruth is an educator & enthusiast with experience about all things wellness and essential oils. 

Driven by a passion to educate and assist others to live their life with energy and truly “Be-ing” well, she takes pride in providing practical solutions to help people reach their own personal wellness goals.  As co-owner of Essentials for Wellness and a Clean-Living Lifestyle Consultant, her goals include instructing others how the human body functions, teaching the fundamental components that create true wellness, exposing where hidden toxins are lurking in one’s home & life and sharing how they could be impacting one’s vitality. 

Ruth is trained in Wellness Mapping, Raindrop Technique, Mind-Body Connection (Spiritual Roots) & Using Essential Oils for Emotional Release.  

Ruth has resided all of her life in the Western United States, until recently moving to Tennessee with her husband Dan and their cat RJ. 

Meet Rachelle
Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner
Rachelle has been a journey of healing from teenage trauma that deeply affected her own mothering journey. After trying many different therapists & counselors, she found Aroma Freedom & began to find a deeper, lasting, & more effective relief from negative memories. Then she discovered Mind Body Spirit Release which clears the body of negative emotions and blocks to positive emotions to massively improve the body's ability to heal.

She became a certified Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner & Aroma Freedom Practitioner in order to help others find emotional freedom the way she has as well as release negative emotions stored in the body that are causing physical health issues.

Rachelle is the proud wife of a disabled marine veteran, mom of 3 energetic girls, & loves being with friends in her spare time!

Other loves: Sewing, Reading, Detox Baths, Coffee Dates, Chocolate, Wine, & Movies
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Your healing is on the other side.
You've been to the doctor over & over again. You've been told what your symptoms mean, but you haven't been told how to feel your best & live well.
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You're aware you need changes in your life, but you aren't sure what to do. 

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You will have a new unique perspective on what's happening on the inside. Unique to YOU.

You will feel calm, peaceful, confident, & relaxed. 

You will feel energized, strong, purposeful, & committed to your healing journey. 

Save $120 + get more guidance when you take advantage of our package price!
Muscle Testing Session + Mini Wellness Map* with Dan Allen - $150 an hour & half 

Full Wellness Mapping Session** with Ruth Allen - $100 (includes 4 check-ins)

Mind Body Spirit Release Clearing with Rachelle Nelson - $120 for a full clearing

Save $50 when you pay for the package! All 3 sessions are included in the $250. Each session will be a different day & we will work with your schedule with each session.

*mini wellness map includes the top 3 supplements / oils that your body muscle-tests for

**full wellness map includes top 6 supplements + top 6 oils plus a realistic wellness plan, coaching, and check-ins to make sure you are getting the results you want!
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Your healing is on the other side.