We help you map what you want to do. Maps take you places. There is more than one way to reach your wellness goals. We help you find clarity & the road that will be the best, sustainable plan for you. Sustainability = Success.
Consistency always compounds. If your plan is realistic & sustainable so you can stay consistent & committed without feeling overwhelmed, you will get your best results! 

With your wellness mapping session you will receive

  • You will know exactly what lifestyle changes & tools your body wants to strengthen to have balance again
  • A customized plan based on your wellness goals 
  • along with your top balancing supplements & essential oils based on what your body says
  • Protocols & direction for your best results
  • Targeted advice based on the areas of wellness that need the most support
  • Check-ins at 10 days, 30 days, 60 days, & 90 days to make sure you're getting the best results
  • Help focusing on on a plan of action 
You are in control of your wellness. You make the decisions.

No more feeling overwhelmed. No more guess work.

Map your unique plan with grace, easy & clarity.
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Your healing is on the other side.
You've been to the doctor over & over again. You've been told what your symptoms mean, but you haven't been told how to feel your best & live well.
It's time to change your wellness strategy.

You're aware you need changes in your life, but you aren't sure what to do. 

You want to be proactive in your wellness, not reactive.

Your body is giving you all the clues. 

We help you connect the dots & listen to your body so you can bring your body back into balance. 

You will have a new unique perspective on what's happening on the inside. Unique to YOU.

You will feel calm, peaceful, confident, & relaxed. 

You will feel energized, strong, purposeful, & committed to your healing journey. 

Save $120 + get more guidance when you take advantage of our package price!
Muscle Testing Session + Mini Wellness Map* with Dan Allen - $150 an hour & half 

Full Wellness Mapping Session** with Ruth Allen - $100 (includes 4 check-ins)

Mind Body Spirit Release Clearing with Rachelle Nelson - $120 for a full clearing

Save $120 when you pay for the package! All 3 sessions are included in the $250. Each session will be a different day & we will work with your schedule with each session.

*mini wellness map includes the top 3 supplements / oils that your body muscle-tests for

**full wellness map includes top 6 supplements + top 6 oils plus a realistic wellness plan, coaching, and check-ins to make sure you are getting the results you want!

Ready to get started on your wellness journey? 
Fill out this quick form & see what it's all about!

Your healing is on the other side.