My husband was diagnosed with leaky gut 6 years ago. This is everything I've learned about gut health since we began our health journey. With this information, we were able to completely heal his leaky gut. In fact, his last gut health test, his doctor was impressed with the amount of beneficial bacteria he had! You can heal your leaky gut!!!
The first step to healing the gut is to reduce inflammation. The best way to know what foods are causing you inflammation is the autoimmune protocol diet (yes, even if you do not have an autoimmune disease!) 

Here's why: The goal of the IPA diet is to reduce the amount of inflammatory foods in the body so that a.) your gut can begin to heal and b.) so that you can figure out what your body is actually intolerant or allergic to. 

Then, you add in one food group at a time slowly, making note of how you feel. If you don't feel good after adding in a food group, take it back out and make note of it so you can avoid those foods while you focus on healing. 

This diet will help you eliminate which ones are causing YOU issues while keeping in other foods that are fine for you but might bother someone else! This means, you may actually end up eliminating less than you might otherwise. 

The hope is that you won't ALWAYS have to avoid all the foods that are making you hurt...but to give your body time to heal first so that those food groups won't bother you when your gut is completely healed. 

 I would suggest anyone who is having gut issues, do the Autoimmune Protocol diet because then you can figure out what foods you are intolerant to/allergic too without paying for an allergy test which is most likely going to change as you heal your gut anyway.
 The first stage is the elimination diet. This is the part that looks really intimidating...but you have to think simple foods...a grilled meat with delicious spices and some roasted vegetables or a salad or a soup. As long as you keep your meals simple, it is much easier to avoid these foods and less overwhelming. 

Here is the list of things to avoid: 
  • All grains, including gluten-free grains and rice
  • All legumes, including peanuts, cashews, peas, beans of every kind
  • All nuts 
  • All seeds 
  • All dairy including milk, cheese, etc.
  • All nightshade vegetables, including paprika, chili powder, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, etc.
  • Eggs 
  • Tabaco, Alcohol, refined sugars, and food additives should also be avoided
During this stage, you want to include eating homemade bone broth & meat stock, along with other nutrient-dense foods and less processed meat. Also, eating fermented foods (that are not pasteurized!) that are filled with prebiotics will feed the good bacteria in your gut to promote healing!

I put together these cookbooks with allergen-friendly and budget friendly meal ideas!
Click below to download the winter and summer recipe book PDF's to print! I especially recommend incorporating a lot of the soup recipes into your diet as they are particularly nourishing to the gut! You'll love the soup recipes in the winter recipes cookbook!

When you include these supplements into your nutrient dense diet, you will speed up your gut healing!

A high quality probiotic will help colonize your microbiome with good bacteria! Good bacteria helps break down the food and that decreases inflammation and promotes healing! Life 9 is a wonderful probiotic with 17 billion active cultures and 9 different strains!

Taking an enzyme helps your body digest all your food into the smallest particles. Because leaky gut is perforations in your colon wall, getting your food digested into the smallest particles possible will keep the nutrients leaking out from continuing to tear at your colon walls.

Taking a prebiotic will keep your good bacteria and your microbiome happy! When you have a happy microbiome, your gut will heal faster! ICP Daily contains 6 grams of plant-based prebiotics and 5 grams of soluble fiber and helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome!

Are You Ready To Begin Your Journey?
I'm here to help you along your gut health journey and walk alongside of you every step of the way <3 
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