The Basics of Gut HealthGut health is one of the biggest pieces of your health puzzle. Just healing your gut with nutrition and supplements to speed up the process will dramatically change how you feel.
If you are looking for a change in your health, remember nothing changes if nothing changes.
This doesn't have to feel overwhelming. It just takes taking the first step, and then the next step, and then the next step...

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor or a medical professional. Nothing that I share here is meant to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. I only hope to share my stories and experiences and what I've learned with you in hopes that it may help you like it's helped me. 

Getting Your Gut Working Can Do This!

"Friends, Nan Gillispie shared these photos on a group I'm in on FB.
Her results were not from dieting, not from Slique. How did she do it? By taking the Young Living Supplements. She said her digestive system started working again.

Here's Nan's protocol of what she used:
Nan's Supplement Regimen
(The first 3 items are where I started plus 5 drops Copaiba Vitality in my Ningxia and Panaway on every joint in my body! In addition to most of the other kit oils that helped with stress, lack of sleep, etc)
Ningxia Red 1-2oz daily
Sulfurzyme 3 nightly
Multigreens 3 daily
Master Formula 1 daily
Super B 1 daily
Super C 1 daily
Omegagize 3 nightly (work up to that amount)
Sleep Essence 1 nightly
Detoxzyme 1 nightly
Juvatone 1 nightly
Essentialzymes 1 nightly
(or Essentialzymes-4 one after biggest meal)
Digest and Cleanse 1 at night as needed"

Are You Ready To Begin Your Journey?
I'm here to help you get these products into your home and walk alongside you every step of the way on this journey <3 
I created a bundle with all of the oils & supplements I covered in the class. Go with your gut instinct of what your body needs and grab whatever will help you meet your first priority for your gut health goals. Once you place your order, you'll get a welcome gift from me!
 Gut Health Bundles

Not sure what you want to grab? Connect with me and I'll help you figure out what to get started with that fits into your budget!

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A Little About Me
Four years ago, I caught 9 colds in 12 months. I was sick, tired, and stressed all the time with anxiety and depression. 

I wasn't the mom I wanted to be; the mom guilt was crushing...

Then I found a new way of living...I even found healing from emotional trauma from my past. I finally feel free!

Now I want to help other moms who are in the same sinking boat as I was in, find hope, health & vibrant living  <3