Want to calm, relaxed, & peaceful?

Tired of feeling exhausted every day?

Frustrated trying to figure out what your body wants to heal?


  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed about anything in your life? 
  • Struggling with feeling numb or hopeless? 
  • Chained to past traumatic memories that you can't forget? 
  • Feeling anxious or depressed?
  • Having a difficult time keeping promises to yourself? 
  • Beating yourself up every day over not being a better person?
  • Wanting to go for a goal in life but it feels impossible? 
  • Suffering from social anxiety or mom guilt?
I can help.

I know how it feels to wake up with no energy…as if you didn't sleep a wink…
You wake up every morning exhausted and go from cup of coffee to more cups of coffee to just get through your day. 
You notice more weight accumulating around your middle (a sign of excess cortisol) & you're tired of being so stressed.
If you continue this cycle, your adrenals will burn out, your hormones will be a disaster, you'll have a difficult time losing weight, and your libido will have “gone on a permanent vacation to France.”

There are ways to get your body pulled out of this viscous cycle.

If this is you and you're ready to stop feeling tired, fatigued, and crappy, I can help. 

It's time to eliminate the guesswork. It's time for you to feel heard & in control of your health.
We are combining our skills to give you the best health transformation. With our unique set of skills, you will be able to address the physical, emotional, & spiritual components that are unique to YOU. You will have a whole new perspective on what's happening on the inside.

  • You will have answers for the symptoms you are having & discover the real root cause with muscle testing. 
  • With wellness mapping, you will feel empowered & confident in your own healing journey with a sustainable, realistic plan. 
  • You will release stored & unprocessed emotions that are causing dysfunction in your body with a gentle & powerful emotional healing process.
You will feel heard. You will feel calm, relaxed, & empowered knowing that you have now have the tools to change your health. You will have hope again. 

Inside you'll find step-by-step processes to release emotions + discounts for exclusive group emotional release sessions for group members! 


A Little About Me
Four years ago, I caught 9 colds in 12 months. I was sick, tired, and stressed all the time with anxiety and depression. 

I wasn't the mom I wanted to be; the mom guilt was crushing...

Then I found a new way of living...I even found healing from emotional trauma from my past. I finally feel free!

Now I  help other moms who are in the same sinking boat as I was in, find hope, health & vibrant living  <3