The first question I want to answer is "what is a spiritual stronghold?" A spiritual stronghold is a belief or identity that used to be true about you before you were saved. It was a true belief about your old man that is no longer true about you because once you were saved, you became a new creation in Christ. 

For most people these spiritual strongholds are created between 1-5 years of age but continue to impact their actions and behavior until they are found and broken through the power of Christ.

"There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit." Rom. 8:1

Because of Christ, these strongholds do not have to hold power over us but when they remain in our subconscious, we do not even realize they are there. 

However, the enemy, Satan, continues to use our strongholds to bully, shame, and guilt us...causing us to not be walking in the freedom that Christ died to give us.

In a spiritual stronghold session, I use muscle testing to find the spiritual strongholds that resonate with your nervous system. Then we ask the Lord to speak His truth and light into these strongholds through prayer. 

Only Christ can break the power of a spiritual stronghold in your life.

I simply help you find the strongholds that are there & help you pray into them!

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  • Spiritual Stronghold Session (an hour) - $120 
  • Bundle of 3 Sessions* - $270 (Save $90!) 
  • Bundle of 5 Sessions* - $450 (Save $150!)
*Bundles can be mixed & matched based on the type of session you need. You can choose between Mind Body Spirit Release, Aroma Freedom, Spiritual Stronghold Session, or Mindset & Life Coaching.

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