Mindset & life coaching is a tool to help you discover what stories your brain is offering you to keep you safe, comfortable, and conserving energy.

About 85% of the time, our brain offers us stories that are not true. However, until you start to pull out these stories and ask questions, they FEEL very true.

Your brain is always creating a story to explain a fact or piece of data which is a neutral circumstance. But the story our brain weaves about this data creates feelings in our body. And from those feelings, which we may not even have noticed, we either take action or stay in non-action. It is the action we take that brings us our result.

It's the stories about the facts that are keeping you stuck in your life, unable to take action, and reach your goals. Discovering and sitting with these stories can feel uncomfortable but when you can hear your thoughts mirrored back to you by a coach without any shame or judgement, you begin to have clarity and see how these thoughts are holding you back.

When you have clarity on why you aren't doing the things you say you want to do, you get to choose a new story and a new feeling to create powerful results in your life.

Mindset & life coaching is a powerful tool to really learn how to take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ in your daily life.

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  • Bundle of 5 Sessions* - $450 (Save $150!)
*Bundles can be mixed & matched based on the type of session you need. You can choose between Mind Body Spirit Release, Aroma Freedom, Spiritual Stronghold Session, or Mindset & Life Coaching.

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