Solving Everyday Issues Naturally
At this fun class, you'll learn everything you need to know about using essential oils therapeutically in your everyday life!
 You'll learn 
+ essential oil safety tips & guidelines
+ 3 ways to use oils
+ how to figure out what oil you need
+ receive a free health assessment
+ make a roller to take home
+ make a room spray to take home
+ make a diffuser bomb to take home
+ how to take care of your diffuser

Cost of supplies is $10. 
Register at the button below to reserve your spot! Only 8 spots available!

Hi! My name is Rachelle
and I'm passionate about helping women find the missing puzzle pieces for their health & their family's health! 

Four years ago, I caught 9 colds in 12 months. 
I was sick, tired, and stressed all the time with anxiety and depression. 
I wasn't the mom I wanted to be; the mom guilt was crushing...
Then I found a new way of living...I even found healing from emotional trauma from my past. 
I finally feel free!
Now I want to help other moms who are in the same sinking boat as I was in, find hope, health & vibrant living  <3

A Little About Me
* Reading * Drinking coffee with a friend * Game nights * Chocolate * Embroidery * Taking baths * Watching old classics * Drinking fruit wine *