My goal with every treasure hunt party is for every attendee to have the best possible experience!
+ Guests will only receive the treasure hunt party emails if they opt in during the invitation process! This way, only those who are actually interested are the ones who receive the emails!

+ Guests will love finding a daily clue in each email and look forward to opening each one!

+ Every guest who finds each clue will receive a small gift from me plus everyone will be entered into a grand prize giveaway!

+ Guests will enjoy the fun education & learning style offered in each email and feel that they received value out of each one whether they purchase or not!

+ Guests will be encouraged to purchase if they are ready to start their Young Living journey.

+ Guests will not feel coerced or pressured to make a "pity buy" to purchase on behalf of the hostess or myself.

+ Guests will thank you for inviting them to such a unique and fun party experience!

+ Guests who purchase will receive a first-class customer experience with welcome gifts, welcome emails and access to our exclusive member app to continue learning how to support their health!

This is a fun, no-pressure way to host a Young Living party...through email! 
+ No need to clean your house, cook food, or invite people to a FB group they don't want to join. 

+ You pick the start date of the party & I send the emails while you sit back & relax!

+ The “5-Day Email Treasure Hunt” is a fun party where guests receive one email a day for 5 days. Each daily email will include a clue to find or a simple 5-minute task to do.

+ You don't have to have someone's email to invite them! As long as you can text or message them, you can invite them because they will put their email in the opt-in form!

+ Each answer they find will give them an entry into a giveaway for the grand prize! And everyone who finds all 5 clues will receive a small prize!

+ This makes it super-fun for the guests, and they look forward to each daily clue! (And many are actually sad when it is over!)

+ All you would need to do is send out two invitations that I’ve already written for you…you’d just copy and paste with a bit of personalization. The invitation would include an opt-in link. 

+ Then, only those who are truly interested will join and receive the daily clues. Then I take it from there! 


+ With every order, you’ll earn a paycheck and you will also get to pick an oil from my stash or a beautiful roller ball necklace as my hostess gift!
At the end of your party, you'll get to choose whatever oil is in the tier of your party sales (or in any tier below!)

Endoflex Vitality 5ml value $17.43
Basil 5ml value $15.13
Digize Vitality 5ml value $19.08
Clove Vitality 5ml value $10.20
Lemongrass 15ml value $15.79
Ylang Ylang 5ml value $19
Clarity 5ml value $19.08
Believe 5ml value $17
Elemi 5ml value $9.87
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol value $17.11
Nutmeg 5ml value $18.09
Clary Sage 5ml value $16.92
Kidscents TummyGize 5ml value $17.76
Bergamot 5ml value $18.09
Jade Lemon 5ml value $11.50

Gentle Baby 5ml value $29.61
Longevity Vitality 5ml value $21.71
Eucalyptus Radiata 15ml value $25.99
Pine 15ml value $21.05
Citronella 15ml value $27.30
Fennel 15ml value $24.34
Grapefruit 15ml value $23
Tangerine 15ml value $22.70
Kidscents Sleepyize 5ml value $23.68
Peppermint 15ml value $30.26
Evergreen Essence 15ml value $25 (not available for purchase!) 
Copaiba 5ml value $30.26
Stress Away 15ml value $31
Lavender 15ml value $33.22
Cinnamon Bark 5ml value $33.88
Surrender 5ml value $36.51
En-R-Gee 15ml value $34.87
White Angelica 5ml value $39.47
Idaho Grand Fir 5ml value $36.51

Geranium 15ml value $58.22
Breathe Again 15ml value $54.27 (not available for purchase!)
Common Sense 5ml value $48.68
Highest Potential 5ml value $50 
Loyalty 5ml (not available for purchase!)
Coriander Vitality 5ml value $44.08
Christmas Spirit 15ml value $43
Rutavala 5ml value $44.41
Bloom 5ml value $45.72
Kunzea 5ml value $54.28
Palo Santo 5ml value $48.68
Cassia 15ml (not available for purchase!)
Blue Cypress 5ml value $40.79
Patchouli 15ml value $47.70
Peace & Calming 15ml value $143
DiGize 15ml value $46
Valor 5ml value $41.25

Here's how to guarantee your attendees have a wonderful experience!
+ Send your friends & family the party invitation by the best method to contact them 5-7 days before the party date...whether that is calling, texting, messaging, or emailing. 

+ For best results, personalize the hostess invite template to each person...they will feel seen & heard if you share why you thought of them! See the invite template here! See the personalized template I emailed you as well. That one will be the most accurate!

+ Send a reminder to your friends & family the day before the party begins. Many people mean to opt in but get busy with life and forget. You've probably experienced that yourself...wanting to go to something but then forgetting because you didn't get a reminder! The reminder is a simple courtesy for those who did want to join in but forgot to opt-in! 

+ When you invite your friends & family, make sure to include your own personal stories in your invite! Your friends & family want to hear from you! 

Your friends & family will be so excited to join your party when you do this!
+ People are always looking for things that WORK. They are searching the internet, asking their friends, and trying to find solutions for sleep, stress, digestion, & pain. They want to hear your story. 

+ Sharing your story will compel your friends & family to come join in the fun & see what it is all about. Whether they decide to purchase or not, they will be blessed learning about natural alternatives!

 + Here's how to write your story:
  1. Share how you felt before you found the solution to your problem. 
  2. Share what happened when you tried your Young Living solution. 
  3. Share how your life has changed because you now have a solution to your problem!
+ If your story is short, feel free to write a few stories for various problems so that people can see a few ways Young Living has changed your life for the better!

Once you have sent your invites, the rest is up to me! You can sit back and relax!
+ Once a guest fills out the feedback form, I will add them to the 5 days of party emails!

+ The day that your party begins, your guests will receive their first email & one email for the consecutive 4 days! You don't have to do a single thing on the date of your party!

+ At the end of the party, I will draw a winner for the grand prize! 

+ After the party, I will send out all the small prizes to everyone who sent back each of the 5 clues & the grand prize!

+ I will also send you your choice of hostess gift!

+ For each new customer, they will also receive a welcome gift from me along with access to our customer resources!
Not only will your guests have a fantastic experience but of course there are wonderful hostess perks!
+ After your completed party (no matter the customer purchases), you'll get to pick an oil from my unopened stash! Many of these oils are rare & valuable! First come, first serve!

+ OR you can choose a beautiful crystal roller necklace as your hostess gift!

+ For every $100 spent on during your party, you will earn a $25 check as a Brand Partner! 

+ You are not required to purchase any Young Living product in order to earn a check as long as your guests from the party have purchased $100 or more of product. You do however have to be a Brand Partner.

+ The reason why you must be a Brand Partner in order to receive a commission is to follow Federal Trade Guidelines.

+ If you are not yet a Brand Partner, you'll want to purchase a Business Essentials kit for $29 to receive a paycheck. You can purchase your business essentials kit at the end of your party. If your party paycheck wouldn't be enough to completely pay you back for the $29 kit, then you can choose whether or not to purchase it.

+ If your party does more than $500, I will purchase your Business Essentials kit myself!

+ If your party is close to $500 and you choose to close the gap with an order of your own, I will purchase your Business Essentials kit myself!
Here's all the things you need to know about being a Brand Partner!
+ Both customers & brand partners have a Young Living referral link. 

+ When customers share their referral link with a friend, they do not receive any commission or benefits from sharing. 

+ When brand partners share their referral link, they get a percentage of whatever their friend orders.

+ There are no additional requirement to being a Brand Partner besides purchasing a Business Essentials kit.

+ Just because you are becoming a Brand Partner in order to receive a paycheck from your treasure hunt does not automatically mean that you are doing Young Living as a business. 

+ If you are interested in building a second stream of income through Young Living, you totally can...but just because you hosted a treasure hunt party does not mean I will automatically assume you would like to do Young Living as a business unless you tell me that you are interested in doing so. 

+ As a Brand Partner, there are no monthly sales quotas, no holding of inventory, and it does not change the discount you already receive by being a Young Living customer.