A systematic way to create a personalized wellness approach that isn't just simply recommending supplements or a one-size-fits-all protocol.
The Holistic Wellness Approach works with the flow of the body to support the body's innate ability to heal.

Using muscle testing (remote usually), we ask specific areas and find the one (maybe 2) thing(s) that is going to balance each area. This could be a supplement, an herb, or it just one simple lifestyle shift.

The beauty of this approach is that we are not overwhelming the body with way too many supplements or changes and we are asking the body with each step what it wants to heal.

And it addresses health more holistically than most other wellness protocols because not only are we asking about supplements, we are also asking about lifestyle solutions & whether emotions are needing to be released from the body to improve the healing process.

With the Holistic Wellness Approach, we will address your wellness in this order: 

  • Vitamins & Mineral deficiencies 
  • Mitochondria health (the energy factory in the cell) 
  • Cell Membrane health 
  • Digestive health 
  • Nervous System health 
  • Endocrine System health (hormones) 
  • Drainage Pathways 
    • Intestines 
    • Liver / Gallbladder 
    • Kidneys 
    • Lymph
  • Asking if there are toxins to bind & what the body wants to prioritize
  • Asking if there are pathogens the body wants to detox & what they are 
The beauty of this wellness approach is that we are always doing things in the order that the body is ready to deal with so we are never overwhelming the body and trying to do too much at once! 

Everyone has a unique electrical bio-field.

Kinesiology is a way to tap into your unique bio-field & the mind-body connection. Your body is giving you clues. Muscle testing tells you what those clues mean. We help you listen to your body so you can bring your body back into balance.
With your session you will receive:
  • a PDF of how each area of the body is functioning on a scale of 0-10
  • a clear & concise supplement protocol 
  • a simple lifestyle shift protocol
Muscle Testing Client Testimonials 
(All but one of these were remote muscle testing sessions!)


Everyone's body is different.
Muscle testing acknowledges that every body is different and what could be good for one person is not as good for another person. 
Quick Example of In-Person Muscle Testing

You've been to the doctor over & over again. You've been told what your symptoms mean, but you haven't been told how to feel your best & live well.
It's time to change your wellness strategy.

You're aware you need changes in your life, but you aren't sure what to do. 

You want to be proactive in your wellness, not reactive.

Your body is giving you all the clues. 

I can help you connect the dots & listen to your body so you can bring your body back into balance. 

You will have a new unique perspective on what's happening on the inside. Unique to YOU.

You will have hope that you can heal again.