Ready for a transformative & life-changing break through?


After working with a wide variety of clients, I realized that often the breakthrough that my clients were looking for required more than just one hour of time or just one modality... this is why I created the breakthrough session.
A break through session combines two powerful modalities: Aroma Freedom & Mind Body Spirit Release work along with muscle testing, brain spotting, spiritual stronghold work, coaching, and more for a transformative & life-changing experience.

The breakthrough session requires 2-3 hours of focused attention. This is what truly makes a break through session transformative...because in order to dig deep into what is coming up to find the real root beliefs & spiritual strongholds takes more than one hour.

For the clients that I have had the honor of doing break through sessions with, the MOST transformative moments have occured between 2-3 hours into the session. When we set this time aside and we aren't feeling rushed, we are able to get to what is at the bottom of our behavior patterns & struggles.

Your brain will most likely tell you that you do not have the emotional energy for 2-3 hours of emotional healing work. 

However this is just a story to keep you safe and out of pain. Until you decided to face the pain, you will continue to stay hurting & frustrated until you decide that it is worth the discomfort to dig into why you are the way you are. 

And when you do, you will discover that those 2-3 hours could be the most transformative & life-changing hours of your life.

That's not to say emotional healing is a one & done. 

But I find that one breakthrough session is enough to get my clients unstuck in a way bigger & deeper way than any one hour session I can offer.


Schedule your break through session with me & see what it's all about. 

Your transformation is waiting on the other side.

When you scedule your breakthrough session, I will be in touch to set up your 3 hour time block so that we can have uninterrupted & unrushed time to dig deep to find your breakthrough. 

You will also receive a packet of scents to use for your break through session including Trauma Life oil, SARA oil, Release oil, Inner Child oil, Memory Release Blend, Transformation oil, & Believe oil.



A Little About Me 
Four years ago, I caught 9 colds in 12 months. I was sick, tired, and stressed all the time with anxiety and depression. 

I wasn't the mom I wanted to be; the mom guilt was crushing...

Then I found a new way of living...I even found healing from emotional trauma from my past. I finally feel free!

Now I want to help other moms who are in the same sinking boat as I was in, find hope, health & vibrant living  <3